Who We Are


After having spent many years analysing numbers and figures in the Accounting industry,
Hazel Weldon-Mack took on the challenge of helping a friend find a “rumoured” family member.
Although a hugely difficult task, she had found it both rewarding and extremely heartening,
to see the love that people who have never met, can have for each other.

The following year the gauntlet was thrown down again, this time by a colleague who was looking
for a sibling, again having little or no information to go on. Thankfully both searches yielded happy results.
From there it seemed to just take on a life of its own. Juggling between the “Finance work” and the
“Detective work”, Hazel decided to make it a bit more official and set up Reunited.ie with her daughter Toni.



Toni Mack, although still a student in secondary school, was happy to assist with the research involved in the various searches. Later, to achieve her place in college she chose an unlikely and somewhat complex subject for her final exam project – “Dementia & Alzheimers, the causes and effects”. Having an amazing empathy towards the older generation living with these conditions, and with their families who also suffer because of the illness, she was keen to play a part in reconciling this generation with loved ones.



So….. Reunited.ie was born, with the idea of helping the older generation of Irish, living around the UK, make contact with and hopefully reunite, with family they’ve lost contact with.