Reunited.ie was set up in 2016 after seeing an online appeal to find the Irish relatives of 2 brothers, living in London, who had passed away within just weeks of each other. Having become estranged as life and time had moved along, unknown to each other, they had actually lived just a few miles apart. Happily cousins were found and they helped arrange the return of one of the brothers to Ireland to be buried with his parents, which had been his wish.

With over 225,000 Irish born people, over the age of 60, living in the UK (Census UK 2011) Reunited.ie, a
not for profit organisation, was set up with the aim of reuniting this older Irish diaspora with family they’d previously lost contact with.


So, if you are over 60, living in the UK and looking to reunite with family back in Ireland please fill out the enquiry form (link below) . Return the form along with supporting documentation and it will be reviewed by our team. We do not charge the full cost it takes to carry out a search enquiry but we do request a small registration fee of €50 for each person sought. If we feel we can help with your search we will advise you within 3-4 weeks (general time required to complete review) or possibly sooner, depending on application numbers at the time.







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